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Small Change | Big Impact

While plastic has inevitably become an integral part of our lives, the amount of unnecessary plastics that people are relying on today is concerning. Seeing people asking for plastic bags at groceries when they can simply put the goods in their bags, restaurants giving out of plastic cutlery that people don’t even need, corporations using huge amount of plastic packaging just to make things look nicer, makes me wonder what we need to do in order to change people’s behavior.

Every piece of plastic that we use, most of which is only for a few minutes of convenience, will take hundreds of years to break down. That means all the plastic that we have used in the past and will use in the future will remain somewhere in our planet through future generations. Unfortunately, many people don’t see plastic pollution as a real issue yet as they can’t see the amount of plastic waste that is currently piling up in landfills and even worse, in the ocean.

Thankfully, a lot of governments, organizations and individuals are already trying to find solutions to tackle the problem from different levels. But with the amount of plastic we are still using today, plastic continues to fill our oceans at an astonishing rate. So, I have decided to contribute something positive to the world by trying to encourage people to reduce use of plastics.

I believe to encourage change in behavior it needs to start with the mind.

Our vision for Wooliio is to create a useful company that helps you find eco-friendly substitutes more easily for the plastic items that are used at home, and thereby raising awareness on how easy it actually is to switch from using plastic items to eco-friendly alternatives and make it a habit.

Reducing reliance on single-use plastics in the goal for Wooliio. And I want to demonstrate that doing so does not require a significant change in their current lifestyles.

I believe when enough individuals start to care and start making the small changes in everyday life by reducing plastic use, altogether we can make a real difference to our environment.

I hope you can join me to be part of that journey and help me spread the word.

Thanks again for your support,

Jason & Grace