Top 3 Popular Sustainable Products in Canada You Should Know

Ready to check out the 3 popular sustainable products in Canada?

One of the main causes of environmental pollution is the daily misuse of plastic products. Direct contact with toxic plastic products poses a significant health threat to yourself & to the environment. On the market today, there are many different sustainability living focused products and brands. 

So, what is the right product for your family & your home? Join us to experience the top 3 popular sustainable products Canada in the article below.

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3 Popular Sustainable Products Canada 2021

Boie rubber brush

The Boie toothbrush is known for its ability to effectively kill germs, making it an environmentally friendly choice. These brushes from the Boie brand are all made from rubber-like materials for gentle and effective tooth cleaning. With the detachable brush tip design, you don't need to replace it all at once.

Boie toothbrushes will provide a great hands-on experience from handcrafted rubber materials. This item has, since its introduction, quickly become one of the most eco-friendly sustainable products 2021. You may not have known that this is also one of the brand's first environmental-friendly products. Get ready to test it so you can evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of this famous product.


  • Compact size
  • New replacement time longer
  • Simple and environmentally designed.
  • Life is twice as long as a normal table


  • The structure is a bit odd
  • The brush-tip bristles are uncertain

Areca leaf plates

The idea of ​​producing plates from areca leaf material can create useful products in life and Areca leaf plates. In fact, producing products from natural ingredients will reduce plastic waste, which inherently causes a lot of harm to the environment. In contrast, the plates made of areca leaves are hygienic, non-toxic, and very environmentally friendly. This is a perfect family-friendly alternative to plastic carrying bags.

To protect the environment, you don't have to do great things; you just need to change your daily routine. The easiest way is to limit disposable plastic items and instead use products made from more natural materials. A small action, but it helps to reduce waste and is environmentally friendly.


  • Biodegradable
  • Resistant to oil and water
  • Suitable for hard/liquid foods
  • Friendly products with the environment
  • A better substitute for plastic
  • Easy to transport, lightweight and hygienic


  • Not the cheapest option.
  • Has a slight woody smell
  • Not completely homogeneous.

Wooliio Organic Cotton Face Pads

What do you think about reusing cotton face pads? Everyone knows how convenient disposable makeup cotton pads are. But if your goal is to produce waste & make small but positive changes to protect the environment, you will love Wooliio Organic Cotton Facial Pads.


Wooliio made this product eco-friendly by using 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. From a quick glance, the price might seem a bit more expensive than your regular disposable cotton pads but if you think about how many times you can reuse, wash, rise and repeat, this Wooliio Organic Cotton Facial Pads can save you a great deal in the long run. 


  • Cotton is soft and gentle
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean and better for sensitive skin
  • The finger pocket on the back is handy


  • If you use water proof or oil based-makeup, they could leave stains on the pads.
  • Machine wash easily deformed



So we have introduced to you 3 popular sustainable products Canada. Many different criteria will give you the fullest experience. Hope our articles will help you choose great products for your family.

Woolio's mission is to contribute to gradually changing people's perceptions of environmental protection by creating more natural alternatives.

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