An Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Living Guide For Beginners

Are you new to sustainable living? Welcome to the club! 

If nobody has told you already, sustainable living isn't about being perfect but it is all about making ONE conscious choice everyday towards making the world a better place. Choices such as saying NO to plastic items, plastic cutlery when you order your take-out or reducing waste within your own households or opt in for biodegradable materials when you shop for your personal care products.

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Here are a few points we want to share in hope that they will help you make the right choices on your journey to sustainable living:

Tip #1:

If it’s made from bamboo, it is most likely eco-friendly & sustainable.

We all have the basic biology knowledge that trees produce more oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, but rarely do people know that bamboo trees have many amazing advantages to wildlife, the environment and to humans for many reasons:

  • Bamboo helps prevent soil erosion, bamboo roots protect the nutritious soil. 
  • Bamboo is a natural habitat for special animals such as pandas, lemurs, gorillas, monkeys.
  • Bamboo can grow up to 35 inches a day without pesticides & chemical fertilizers
  • Bamboo is a natural antibacterial so when it is safe to use as household products & for babies.
  • Household sustainable products that are made from bamboo can be reused many times before ending its life cycle & can also be biodegradable.
  • Environmental-friendly products from bamboo can replace plastic, of which contains seventy percent of toxic ingredients. Bamboo is a nontoxic material & the process of producing sustainable products made of bamboo also has a neutral carbon footprint.
  • Last but not least, when you are purchasing these sustainable products made from bamboo, you are most likely also helping other developing countries, creating jobs for people to help them have income stability.

Nano ultra soft bamboo toothbrush


Tip #2:

Before purchasing an item, look for an eco-friendly & sustainable alternative first.

Sustainable living is not a NEW thing. Throughout human history, people have been using eco-friendly & sustainable alternatives to co-exist and protect their own ecosystem, from cooking tools to firearms, musical instruments to personal care products & even in fashion. With the growth of globalization & mass production and GMO food manufacture, we have become more and more disconnected to our environment & our ecosystem.

The good news is, there are numerous eco-friendly items alternatives out there that you can look for before making a purchase decision.


  • Organic Cotton Tote Bag: Ditch plastic bags and opt in for a minimalist designed and eco-friendly cotton tote bag when you do your daily groceries run. Cotton tote bags are stronger than paper or plastic bags.Wooliio tote bags are made from organic cotton, very lightweight and durable. Each bag can hold up to 40 lbs. Despite the large capacity, the material of these bags is also fine enough to roll up into a pocket-sized bag. The strong and wide straps make the bags comfortable to carry over your shoulder, making them perfect for not just grocery shopping, but also for the beach or picnic.


  • Wool Dryer Balls: Did you know that dryer sheets often contain harmful chemicals & perfume that can lead to serious health issues if exposed to in a long period of time? Worst, they don’t really disappear in the landfills until a couple hundred years or so. Wooliio dryer balls are made from 100% organic wool sourced from New Zealand. They are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. They are made with zero chemical, making the perfect replacement for dryer sheets that are filled with toxic ingredients - one of the easiest ways to switch to an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.


  • Charcoal Dental Floss: Just like dryer sheets, regular floss is coated in a highly toxic substance called PFASs and is made of nylon which also does not easily dispose in the landfill. Wooliio dental floss is a perfect alternative to the traditional floss which is made from nylon (can take 50 to 80 years to decompose). Our floss is completely biodegradable and can break down in approximately 60-90 days after you use it, making it a great and eco-friendly alternative. Instead of being contained in a plastic box, our charcoal bamboo floss comes in a cute little bamboo container that can also be disposed of easily at the end of its life cycle.


  • Bamboo and Stainless Steel Straw: Plastic straw is convenient, but it's truly terrible for the environment. Get ready to replace your plastic straws with bamboo and steel straws, it’s safer for our environment & for our health and can be reused many times.



  • Loofah Dishwashing Sponge: Unlike traditional sponge that is mostly made from plastic material, Wooliio eco-friendly dishwashing sponges are made from 100% natural loofah plants. They are completely biodegradable and compostable. You can simply throw it in the compost bin when it reaches the end of its life. They are a perfect addition for your zero waste kitchen!


  • Beeswax Candles: Most of the candles available in the market are made from paraffin which contain carcinogens (cancer-causing) such as benzene , Beeswax is alternate extremes, it can clean the discuss by discharge negative particle, way better for your rest and breath.


Tip #3:

Shop consciously 

Using environmental-friendly products will not only help the environment but also help you save money in the long run. It is truly a win-win for all of us.

By utilizing eco-friendly items, each individual is contributing to the security and conservation of the planet, wildlife & animals and most importantly, the ecosystem that directly affects our survival. We can guarantee that if you look hard enough, there are always a eco-friendly & sustainable alternatives for any items that you need. 

Our vision for Wooliio is to form a valuable company that makes a difference you discover eco-friendly substitutes more effective for the plastic things that are utilized at domestic, and in this manner, raising mindfulness about how simple it really is to switch from utilizing plastic things with eco-friendly choices and make it a propensity

In arranging to preserve the magnificence, assets, and inhabitability of the planet, it is imperative that our ordinary choices emphatically influence the planet. That's where eco-friendly items come in. They are both great for families and for the planet, and eco-friendly items give buyers with the choice to select obligation over pointlessness. Eco-friendly items are both great for the environment and more secure for customers! They are the keen choice for families all over.

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