7 Essential Plastic Free Products For An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Are you ready to turn your kitchen to an eco-friendly one?

In recent years, most people have been more conscious of using environmentally friendly things that may be reused as part of the green living trend.

The kitchen is where the majority of household waste is generated. The importance of reducing environmental impact by utilizing eco-friendly kitchen essentials is widely promoted on forums and social media.

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Here are seven eco-friendly products that you may use right now for everyday items:

1 - Stainless Steel Straws:

Using a metal straw instead of a plastic straw is one approach to help reduce the environmental impact of plastic by utilizing eco-friendly products. Stainless steel is the most popular reusable straw material. It's reasonably priced, portable, long-lasting, and simple to clean. 



FDA approved 304-grade stainless steel.

Plastic pollution is increasingly being recognized as a threat to the environment and marine life. Stainless steel straws are by far the best option for reducing your plastic footprint out of all the alternatives now available.

The most recyclable substance on the planet is steel. It has the advantage of being able to be recycled repeatedly without affecting the final result. Because stainless steel straws are robust, reusable, and eco-friendly, they are a better choice for the environment.

“Straws are not new, but changing plastic items through daily behavior is a terrific method to help younger people connect and join hands with global issues”- Woolio strongly believes. 

2 - Organic tote bag:

According to the Center for Natural Differing characteristics, Americans use over 100 billion plastic bags every year. Furthermore, each reuse pack to the database takes between 500 and 1,000 seconds. When they bring the food home, many people use grocery store plastic bags and throw them away. Let us reconsider how we can reduce or eliminate our use of plastic shopping bags.



Bag size: 45cm (length) x42cm (width)

There is no doubting the advantages tote bags provide to us, such as environmental protection and cost-effectiveness. 

When Wooliio began thinking about bags for sustainable kitchen, we wanted to utilize a material that would be able to completely replace plastics and other synthetic materials.

We customized 100% environmentally friendly material for our organic bags. This fabric is made from natural fibers grown on environmentally friendly plantations without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. This material also offers other characteristics, such as a durable feel, and is especially suitable for persons with allergies or sensitive skin. You can avoid having to buy plastic bags, which are becoming increasingly pricey at stores and supermarkets, by utilizing a fabric bag. You won't have to pay for a new bag every time you go shopping if you bring your handmade fabric bag with you.

3 - Silicone food bags:

Woollio makes an attempt to provide a wide range of environmentally friendly items that are both simple to use and long-lasting. Forget about plastic wraps; silicone food bags offer a variety of advantages such as refrigerator safe as well as being waterproof, easy to open and close, and especially suitable for dry snacks.



Size: 7cm (length) x 21.7cm (width), 1500ml

We are leading the sustainable effort to protect our health and the environment with silicon food bags. The design of our food bag includes a zipper bar. When the bag is closed with the zipper bag, it is airtight. The bag is completely airtight and leak proof when closed with the zipper bag, soup, juice, and sauce can all be stored in it.

4 - Silicone Stretch Lids:

Let's look at some wonderful alternatives to plastic cling wrap, with silicone suction lids being the most popular.

What are the advantages of silicone stretch lids, for example?


Based on our customers' raving reviews, these silicon lids/covers keep food fresher and longer than using plastic wraps. When a lid fits securely, the airtight seal helps to keep food fresh for longer.

Furthermore, because silicone lids have a longer usable life, they can also help you save money and the environment by reducing the amount of money spent on plastic wraps or bags each month.

5 - Coconut Dish Brush

Our kitchens, along with our bathrooms, are most likely the parts of the house where we use disposable plastic products the most. Small changes in our habits have a big impact on the environment, and this great plastic-free dish washing brush is the ideal answer for sustainable living and zero waste kitchen.

100% natural timber wood & natural coconut fibre
Size: 23cm (length), 7cm (width)


A dish brush, which Wooliio recommends as a sustainable coconut-based product, can help you make some small improvements. The brush's strong coconut bristles effectively clean stains and scraps from your plates and kitchenware, while its gentleness allows it to be used on any cookware without harming it, including non-stick singing dishes.

6 - Wooden Soap Dish

Wooliio's natural soap is made with nourishing elements including flawless fundamental oil, which should be kept dry. With various remarkable features, as well as processes that extend the life of the soap cake while ensuring that it is still a natural, eco-friendly product.


Size: 5cm (length) x 8cm (width) x2cm (height)


7 - Loofah Dishwashing Sponge

Dishwashing sponges are indispensable kitchen goods. To ensure that dishwashing sponges are plastic-free products for an environmentally friendly kitchen, we investigated and developed a new version of the sponge made of loofah.

When exposed to water, dishwashing sponge has the properties of gentle swelling and firm water retention, it can quickly remove oil stains and soil without buildup, and it will not harm the surface of flatware.


Size: 11cm (length), 7cm (width)


The process of making a loofah dishwashing sponge in Woollio, after the flower blooms, the flower expands into a long, gourd-like plant that resembles a large product you buy in Woollio. Harvested gourds are dried for up to six months after harvesting. They can be split into smaller pieces and used as sponges once they have completely dried.

These seemingly insignificant elements will contribute to the long-term sustainability of humanity's environment throughout the globe. Thank you for taking the time to look at Wollio Shop's collection of eco-friendly kitchen goods.

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