5 Top Tips for Sustainable Living in Modern Cities

There are plenty of specific, small steps that you can take for sustainable living in modern cities like Toronto. In any big city, increasing pressure on resources means the need to make a sustainable change is crucial for transition for a better future.

It is easy to imagine that things are outside our control – but as individuals, we have more power than we often think. We can take steps in our own lives to make sure we can meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to make their own.

These 5 top tips should help you set out in the right direction:

1) Increase Self-Reliance for Sustainable City Living

Grow your own (it is easy to do so, even without a garden). Cook fresh, local, seasonal ingredients from scratch. Educate yourself about sustainable city living – the theory and the practice. Take a break in your busy schedule, look around you, hug a tree and embrace the nature. Learn sustainable skills like growing, cooking, crafting etc. that will help you live in a more ethical and eco-friendly way. The more knowledge and skills you gain, the easier it will be to make the small changes that are needed for a more sustainable way of life.

Sustainable Living In The City

2) Withdraw Support for Damaging Products and Systems

As our self-reliance grows, we will be better able to avoid harmful products and practices. By growing our own, for example, we can withdraw support for food systems that don’t keep planet and people care in mind. By learning about sustainable product swaps, we can avoid harmful plastic products and reduce our carbon footprints. We can walk or cycle and embrace slow travel to avoid the carbon costs associated with transportation.

And those are just a few examples…

3) Reduce Consumption

Sustainable city living means getting off the treadmill of excessive consumption. Truly living in a sustainable way does not just mean avoiding the most harmful products. It also means reducing consumption in general. It is important to remember that each and everything we buy – from good, to clothes, to electronics and other household items – comes at a cost. That cost is not just financial. Everything takes energy, water, land and resources to make or product. So simply buying less is crucial for sustainable city living.

4) Watch Out For Waste

Waste is a huge problem in our society. Plastic waste is one major issue. And buying less and avoiding single use plastic products is crucial. But we also need to reduce all forms of waste – from energy, to water, to good. We can take plenty of steps in homes to move closer to a truly zero waste lifestyle. If you really need to make a purchase, opt for the most sustainable option and ditch products that come with excessive and unnecessary packaging. At Wooliio, our products and our packaging are made of biodegradable material – which means at the end of their life cycle, they can be decomposed and broken down into organic material without creating additional waste to our planet.

Bamboo Toothbrush

5) Embrace Collaboration and Co-operation for Sustainable City Living

Sustainability City living can sometimes feel like a minefield. It can be confusing working out what to do and what to buy. It is important to remember that you are not alone. It can be helpful to work with others who are like-minded to strive to make things better. In a city, we can create social network and work together to create sustainable systems to be the benefit of all.

 5 Top Tip To Living Sustainably In The City 

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