5 Benefit Of Bamboo Sustainable Products For Kitchen

5 Benefit Of Bamboo Sustainable Products For Kitchen

Today, when the trend of green & sustainable living to protect the Earth is spreading more and more, many people have started to choose to use products made from Bamboo to replace plastic tools in the kitchen. Consumers' preference for this material comes from its great environmental benefits and its positive effects on health.

Here are 5 benefits of bamboo sustainable products for kitchen that we have compiled to help you understand more about the wonderful things that Bamboo has to offer. This valuable information will surely surprise you and hopefully the next time you go shopping, you will opt in for sustainable alternatives that are made from bamboo.

The benefit of Bamboo sustainable products for kitchen


By combining inherent toughness and high durability with today's modern processing technology, bamboo kitchen utensils are more durable and increase their resistance to termites, which is the biggest obsession of ordinary wooden products.

Another reason to turn Bamboo tools into sustainable products is its ability to withstand various harsh agents from the external environment. Bamboo products are not easily affected by different temperature like plastic products.


Ensuring health

Because of the fragility of plastic, manufacturers often add a lot of different chemicals to help increase durability. These additives are agents that seriously affect the health of users. On the other hand, this action also limits the ability to decompose, thereby causing harm to the environment.

But with Bamboo products, you don't need to worry about the effects of such chemicals. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial. The antibacterial properties inside the bamboo make our bamboo cutlery less likely to harbour bacteria. As mentioned, bamboo products are also durable and does not absorb odours, making them last for a long period of time.

Another very remarkable thing about kitchen appliances made from Bamboo is their high flexibility. You can use these tools with any dish or ingredient, whether hot or highly acidic kinds of vinegar and lemons.

Does not transfer chemicals to your body

We all know that taste is one of the factors that determine the deliciousness of food. However, as you all know, plastic products are very easy to melt at high temperatures and can strongly affect the taste of your food.

To solve the problem most easily, you should replace the plastic tools with a set of Bamboo cutlery from quality brands like Wooliio. Because the lovely knives and forks in this set are not as expensive as those made from silver, they can also preserve the taste of the food and protect our environment. They are super light-weight and can be carried around to a summer picnic or accompany your lunch box very nicely.

Cost savings

Many people think that disposable plastic products will be cheaper than tools made from Bamboo. This is not necessarily an accurate statement.

Why? Try doing some simple math with a set of 10 Bamboo straws at the Wooliio Shop. Specifically, each one has a shelf life of about 2 months, equivalent to 60 uses if you use it daily. In total, we will have up to 600 uses while spending less than 13 $. Meanwhile, at the same price, plastic products can only meet 400 to 500 uses.

Besides saving costs for users, bamboo products also help limit the resources that waste recycling factories spend to process plastic.

Protect the environment in a sustainable way

Unlike common woods, Bamboo can be grown in many places and has a fast-growing time. This means that the source of materials will be guaranteed for a long time. 

This type of material also does not need complicated machine to handle and process. From here, a large number of emissions will be cut. In some places, people even produce high quality Bamboo products manually.


With all the benefits mentioned above, we hope that one day, bamboo sustainable products alternatives will replace plastic in the near future.

Think about a future where eco-friendly products are surrounding us and not ocean full of plastics. There will be no more sea turtles stuck with plastic straws and no more huge mountains of garbage floating in the sea. At that time, all creatures on this Earth, including humans, could enjoy healthy and happy lives.

Protecting the environment we live in starts with YOU & starts from the simplest things like choosing eco-friendly products for your life and for your family. Your every order means a lot to Wooliio, helping us every step of the way to contribute to an ideal green planet.